Unlock Lasting Happiness, Vitality and Wellbeing With BeWater’s Stunning Range of Crystal-Powered Water Bottles

Benefit From The Beautiful, Healing Powers Of Our Crystals…
Every Time You Take a Sip Of Water!

Now There’s a Better Way To Hydrate!

We all love sustainable, reusable water bottles… but they can feel lackluster and boring!
Plus, they don’t offer many additional benefits to your health, wellbeing or happiness.

Here at BeWater, we’re here to change that!

Our high-quality water-bottles come with a range of stunning crystal inserts that not only look great, but help you FEEL great too!

Why Choose Our Crystal-Powered Water Bottles?

Our water bottles are created from the highest-quality materials. From hand-blown glass to BPA, BPS-free durable plastic, all you need to worry about is choosing the right crystal blend for YOU
  • 16 different crystal combinations to choose from
  • We stock both glass and plastic options for a bottle that suits YOUR lifestyle
  • Choose from many different bottle designs to get that perfect aesthetic
  • ​Interchangeable crystal cores, so you can enjoy a variety of benefits, every day
  • ​100% Satisfaction guarantee on every one of our bottles, so you can shop with peace of mind

What People Are Saying About BeWater

Julia D.

“Great service. Fast. Good communication. Well packaged. Loads of comments, really encouraging me to drink water. I'm so happy with it, going to buy one for the kids too.”
 Verified Buyer


Joanne R.

“My new bottle is amazing the energy and vibes from the crystals help with so much, these products are beautiful and so handy, I would highly recommend and I will definitely be returning to buy more”
 Verified Buyer


Alexandra S.

“I bought one of the water bottles for myself but had that much interest in it that I have now bought more for gifts for my friends and family. The lid is easy to drink out of. I just love it.”
 Verified Buyer



It’s pretty easy to lose track of your water bottle (or feel like staying hydrated is a chore)! With our beautiful, leak-proof crystal water bottles, we know you’ll fall in love with water all over again!

Don’t waste your money on poorly crafted bottles and manufactured gemstones. Our crystals are all 100% natural and ethically sourced, so you can get the best possible results, every time.

With over 16 different crystal combinations to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect crystals to support your wellbeing, happiness and energy!

Choose from crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine quartz, garnet, rock crystal, magnesite, red jasper, carnelian, obsidian, agate and many more!

This Is For You If...

  • You’ve tried crystal water bottles before, but were disappointed by poor quality or leaky designs
  • You’re ready to bring the beauty and healing properties of crystal into your life… in a simple, easy-to-use way!
  • You value quality, sustainable products that you know will LAST!
  • You’re ready to take your crystal-journey to the next level and bring your practice into your day-to-day living.
  • ​You just LOVE crystals as much as we do!

More Praise for BeWater

Lucy C.


“This is my third purchase with Bewater - I got this one as a gift as I love my other ones so much. Just as beautiful & perfectly packaged to give as a present. Thank you once again for an excellent product.”

Sarah H.


“I now have 4 crystal inserts. I check in with myself every day and decide what am I needing most. It’s also lots of fun to research and look up the meanings for each precious stone. I genuinely feel the crystals charge the water I’m fuelling my body with the energy that I’m needing. Almost like taking a supplement. I never throw out the water either if I haven’t finished and I want to refill my bottle I will pour the water in to my plants”

Laura G.


“I was so happy when my bottle arrived. The packaging is really lovely and it makes opening it up even more special. I adore my new bottle, it’s attracted attention from all of my work colleagues! It genuinely makes me happy whenever I drink out of my beautiful new bottle.”

Now You Can Get All The Benefits of Crystals Without Worrying Because You're Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

We want you to LOVE your new water bottle. So, should you wish to return your bottle for an exchange or a refund, we’re always happy to accommodate!

The Original Bottle

Today Only£29.95!

The Glass Bottle

Today Only£29.95!

On-the-Go Bottle

Today Only£22.95!

Don’t Waste Another Minute…

Make hydration fun and exciting again with our beautiful water bottles made right here in the UK!

Stunning to look at, easy to use, and nurturing to the body and soul, you can’t go wrong with BeWater bottles.

Choose from a range of crystals made especially with healing, vitality and happiness in mind.
…and so much more!

The choice is yours…

Happier, healthier hydration starts today!



BeWater Beginnings

When my family and I moved from a big city to a small spa town in England, I quickly fell in love with the water culture.

Everywhere I looked, there were natural springs and water points that people would travel to (far and wide), to fetch clean, sparkling drinking water.

I was enamored. Hydration suddenly felt exciting again (and a little bit magical too!).

But it wasn’t until a friend of mine used Rose Quartz in their drinking water, that I was inspired to create the beautiful line of water bottles at BeWater.

Bringing beautiful, clean, sustainable hydration together with healing, energizing crystals quickly became a passion. We designed the first BeWater bottle, purchased the original Old Bottling Works of Malvern (known for bottling spring water since the 1900’s) and got started!

We’ve never looked back since!




 How Do I Use My Bottle?

Fill your bottle with whatever water you choose to drink, leave it in the bottle for approximately ten minutes and then enjoy! We also recommend giving your bottle a warm, soapy clean out from time to time.

 How Do I Clean My Bottle?

Fortunately, your gemstones and crystals don’t need any specific cleaning! The bottle should be washed regularly in soapy water to keep it fresh and clean.

 Are The Crystals And Gem-Stones Real?

Our stones and crystals are genuine, A-grade natural stones and ethically sourced from sites all over the world. The company we use to source our crystals undergoes an annual audit by the Ethical Trading Initiative.

 Can I Swap The Gemstones Or Put My Own In?

Many of our bottles offer interchangeable gemstone cores. While you cannot use your own gemstones, you can unscrew the cap at the base of the bottles, unclip the gem chamber and replace it with a different one!

 Can I Swap The Gemstones Or Put My Own In?

Many of our bottles offer interchangeable gemstone cores. While you cannot use your own gemstones, you can unscrew the cap at the base of the bottles, unclip the gem chamber and replace it with a different one!

 Is It Safe To Drink Crystal Infused Water?

Because our crystals are enclosed in a chamber, we are able to work with many more crystals than other brands- all safely! And don’t worry about the frequency of your crystals not reaching your water - the chamber is made of a non-crystalline semiconductor material, so the energy that all crystals emit moves easily through it.


All of the information on Bewater’s products and the practice of making and using gem water that we supply is information we have found in books and articles that inspire us. None of the theories or practices originate with us and we never present them as medical advice. We believe that you are a responsible individual and will take good care of your own health. Use our products for inspiration, hydration and joy – for all other conditions: call your doctor!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

All testimonials shared are real and verified by customers of our products. Your purchase of our products or programs does not guarantee any type of result. Any claims made are only meant to be used as an example of what’s possible for some people. Results vary by individual and depend on a number of factors.
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